Michigan Mediation Services assists people throughout the Great Lakes state to peacefully resolve issues that would typically go to court but don’t necessarily need to. MMS allows parties to design and create their OWN solutions, giving them more control over the dispute outcome versus going in front of a judge and having the judge be the only one to control and influence the decision.

Types of mediation include: Domestic Mediation, General Civil Mediation, Probate Mediation, Elder Mediation, LGBT Issue Mediation, PPO Mediation, Landlord Tenant Mediation, Small Claims Mediation.

Why mediation? The most important benefit of Mediation is that the parties are able to take an active role in the designing of their dispute solution. Additionally, Mediation can usually be done in an office in one day. Who wouldn’t want to have an influence over the design of their solution, versus having a judge be the only person to impact that decision?

The Mediator acts as a neutral third party facilitating open and safe communication between the parties. The parties state their goals of mediation, identify possible options and solutions, and then the Mediator helps the parties design an agreement that meets the goals of both parties. The agreement is then entered into court records, just as a judge’s decision.

Domestic/Family Mediation
General Civil Mediation
Probate Mediation
LGBT Issue Mediation
Landlord Tenant Mediation
Small Claims Mediation


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Our mission is to help resolve Domestic, Family Issues, Probate, General Civil and LGBT issues peacefully within the state of Michigan by facilitating discussion between parties who design their own dispute resolution.